Best things to do in Vienna during romantic getaway…

Hello everyone! Last month I was lucky to visit stunning Vienna. This city blooms with romantic flair and I have spent a really great time there with my loved one. That’s why I decided to prepare this post for couples who plan a lovely getaway and are looking for some usable tips. But don’t worry my male readers, there will be not only dreamy and girly stuff here but also some actions activities for couples.

Heads up…
Love is in the air…
Green theraphy…
Another amaizing building in Vienna

Why is Vienna full of romantic flair? One of the reasons might be the story of empress Sisi.  But everyone who sufficed learned history, knows that her live wasn’t a fairy tale and her marriage with Emperor Joseph I wasn’t filled with much love.  But I know one thing for sure, the story of these two can be sensed in every corner of the city.

Emperor Joseph I & Empress Elisabeth

Of course a whole Habsburgs Dynasty have left visible marks in Viennas architecture. Strolling around through Vienna’s streets and seeing the beautiful architecture all around are the next reason to spent days there among loved ones.

Coffeehouse at the Hofburg

A lot of buildings in Barock style, sculptures and parks filled with blooms are an ideal romantic scenery for two. Perfect for a nice break are the elegant Kaffeehauses where you can try the delicious traditional cakes and a drink aromatic coffee. You can enjoy evenings at the restaurants and bars in the centre of the city or at the shore of the river Danube.

The Mozart Monument in the Burggarten

In Vienna I planned to spend a romantic getaway for two and still spend some time in museums as well.  I choose the splendid Belveder Musseum and the impressive Military History Museum. Visiting these two superb museums takes a lot of time and strength that’s why the rest of the time was for city crawling.

My dearest places in Vienna:

  • Belvedere Palace

You shouldn’t miss out on this place during your stay at Vienna, espacially if you are there with your loved one(s). Not only the buildings are stunning, but the garden is a perfect ‚romantic scenery. But of course the most important thing there is the worlds famous kiss – the painting of Gustav Klimt „The kiss“.

Building of the Belvedere museum
One of the sculpture and wall ornaments
„The kiss“ from Gustav Klimt
Sphinx in the Belvedere garden
Entrance gate to the Belvedere
  • The Military History Museum

Now its time for something of my male readers – The war museum. The motto of this museum is „war belongs in a museum“, which I fully agree with. The impressive building of the museum was built in the 1850th under Franz Joseph I. While the original cause for the built was the revolution 1848/49, to remember the greatest battles of the Austrian army and to worship war hero’s, it changed its main goal towards showing the devastating side of wars.

You can not only find scripts, paintings, uniforms, weapons and all kind of war equipment in there, but also historically valuable items. For me the most moving items were the car and the uniform of prince Franz Ferdinand in which he got assassinated in 1914 while driving through Sarajevo and which was the trigger for World War I.

If you decide to visit the museum, make sure to get an audio guide. It’s for free and you won’t miss out on the important historical facts.

Entrance building of the war museum
Hall of fame
Entrance area
Military vehicles of WWII
Warplane of WWI
  • The Hofburg

During you taking a walk through the city centre you can’t miss the marvelous building of the Hofburg.

Hofburg seen from the Graben
Majestic Hofburg
Here you can take a rest and admire the Heldenplatz
Inner courtyard of the Hofburg
View on the Michaelerplatz
  • Graben

For the couples among you that love to go shopping, Graben is the best place in Vienna to do that. You can find there not only modern stores but also stores that are there for decades.

Time for shopping
J. & LLobmeyr – Viennese trading house for glassware founded in 1823
Another example of an interesting building at the Graben
Contrast between old and new architecture
  • Vienna State Opera

Monumental building which is a landmark for the city and was our orientation point while we were strolling through the city centre. The building itself is just breath taking.

Fountain in front of the opera
State Opera

Vienna has an enormous number of attractions, so if you do not want to be confused and put yourself under stress, buy or lend out some Vienna Guidebook. Of course, things that you can find on the internet, like blogposts or Instagram photos, are a good way to get inspired, but if you want to know more and if you want to know some historical or political facts, good guide books are the better choice. I prefer reading a guide book beforehand to get to know the most important attractions and do some further research on the internet afterwards.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of charming Vienna and got inspiered to explore the city on your own.

Sincerely yours,




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