Most amazing spots in Athens to makes your getaway extra special…

Hello everyone!

I’m still in a Greek-mood and I have prepared my next post about Athens for you. This is an amazing city where you can enjoy ancient cultures and evenings full of fun with excellent food and wine. But there are also some downsides, I want to tell you about. Visiting Athens is really convenient for students, as you don’t need to pay any entrance fee to a lot of cultural places. Another reason why Athens is a good choice is that hotels, food and drinks still have reasonable prices. When I visited Athens in July 2016 it was simply a dream. Clear blue sky and sunny weather all week long…

IMG_7553 (1)
…and ancient monuments on almost every step…

Well I took delight in my getaway in Athens and I still need to smile when I think about it. That’s why I would like to share with you some of my favorite spots in Athens not only for your Instagram but also for you to take a pleasure in the beautiful moments that you will spent in this historically, culturally and delicacy rich city.

My beloved spots in Athens:

  • The National Garden

If you’re looking for peace and quietness, after an evening with too much Greek wine, the Athens National Garden is the best place to escape the noise and heat of the city… For me a jewel of this garden was the lovely turtle pond. You can find this magic place while walking from The Zappeion to the heart of the garden.

These turtles are property of the Greek state. So even if they look so sweet don’t touch or grab one of them because you may get arrested;)
IMG_7549 (1)
One of the beautiful compositions of sculptures and plants you can find in the garden.
  • Zappeion

You can find the building of Zappeion in front of the garden. It looks so beautiful with its white pillars, the green trees in front of it and a clear blue sky in the background.

The Zappeion Hall.
  • Acropolis of Athens

The Parthenon and the elegant temple of Erechtheion on the well-known Acropolis of Athens are a must see if you are someone who is interested in Ancient Greek culture. Standing at this hill and seeing this great architectural and historical significance is an amazing feeling. Good news is that if you are a student you can see it all for free.

IMG_7548 (1)
Late summer dusk in Athens and view at Acropolis.
The Parthenon.
The elegant temple of Erechtheion.
The Acropolis of Athens at night.
  • The Temple of Olympian Zeus & Arch of Hadrian

If you are in Athens don’t miss the temple of the most famous and powerful ancient greek god – Zeus. There is not much left of the original temple, but it is still impresive how big  it was. You can find a lot of places to sit down around it and read something about this famous god. In front of the entrance to the Zeus temple you can also find the famous Hadrian’s Gate.

The Temple of Olimpian Zeus with Acropolis in the background.
The Arch of Hadrian.
  • National Archaeological Museum

If you are in Athens you should definitly not miss out on the National Archaeological Museum. Beside all the interesting sculptures, you can find the most famous treasure of ancient times -The Mask of Agamemnon. The King of Mycenae is not only historicaly famous, but also in literatur thanks to marvelous epos Iliad of Homer. In the inner courtyard of the museum is a beautiful garden.

The gold funeral mask of King Agamemnon in National Archeological Museum.
  • The National Library of Greece

The next example of a marvelous architecture in Athens – the National Libaery of Greece.

Building of the National Library of Greece.
  • Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens

Pretty nice cathedral in the centre of Athens. You can find a lot of coffee and bars in the area around it.

The facade of  Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens commonly known as the „Mētrópolis“.
  • Syntagma Square and the Greek Parliament

Syntagma Square is the meeting point for young people in Athens.  You can also find the Greek Parliament here. The Square has been a witness to a lot of important historical and political events in Athens.

IMG_7546 (1)
Old Royal Palace from 19th century now residenc of the Greek Parliament.

Thats all for today. I hope you enjoyed the blog post about Athens. However Athens is propably in historical and cultural point of view, the most important city in Europe (the name it self can be traced back to a Greek myth).

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