Hunting the perfect views…

Hello everyone,

take a moment and ask yourself what makes a perfect view. You will probably think about enjoying it with a loved person, having a delicious meal or a glass of good wine while adoring the sunset, or maybe the perfect spot is important for you. There is a place where you can combine all these things – Greece…

Typical but so beautiful & romantic view – white church with a blue dome overlooking the ocean…

Why is Greece one of my favorite travel destinations?

I am lucky to say, that I have already been to Greece twice – once in July 2016 and now at the end of May this year. In 2016 I was in Athens and a Greek friend of mine, helped me with the preparation of my one-week trip.  She gave me helpful advices like: where I can find good hotels, what I should definitely see or what dishes I have to try. Spending time in Athens was fantastic and I knew back then already, that I certainly need to explore the whole of Greece.

Stunnung blue water at the Caldera View

But there is so much in Greece to explore… So many marvelous cities and islands. So the big question was “which part of Greece should I choose as my next travel destination?”.  Greece is the home of philosophy, democracy and ancient culture.

Akrotiri – a Minoan Bronze Age settlement

But it doesn’t only have marvelous architecture and culture but also the feeling I had there made me wanted to go there again. People in Greece are so kind, warm and inviting like in no other country where I have been yet. Maybe except my beloved Denmark and Japan.

Me enjoying the sunset & the pool…

And of course, the food – Greek dishes alone are a good reason to visit Greece. So when we finally planned our special holiday for this year, we choose the most beautiful and well-known Greek island – Santorini.

Evening with greek chesee & wine

How to enjoy the perfect sunsets and beautiful views on Santorini?

I added Santorini to my bucket list a long time ago. Visiting this particular island was a special getaway for me and my loved one and we both wanted to make this trip special for us. Many other people had warned us, that Santorini can be really crowded.  As they and we assumed this beautiful Greek island is the dream destination for people from all around the world.

Having the beautiful view all to myself…

I am one of these persons, who hates big hotels with a lot of tourist. I need my own space, calmness and the possibility to decide on what I want to do with my time. The same goes for sightseeing – I love museums and visiting old buildings but I hate moving among huge crowds there. This is where the big dilemma comes is – how to have a nice holiday at a place that is so popular?

Some can find a good resting spot everywhere…

But Greece and Santorini is definitely worth the afford and worth seeing and here are some tips for you that I hope will make your holiday on Santorini less stressed and more relaxed and of course with a lot of unforgettable views…

Another Caldera View on Santorini

Places to find a perfect view on Santorini:

  • Oia

No introduction to this beautiful village is necessary… It’s the most visited place on Santorini and believe me the views are worth digging through the huge crowds of tourists. With its colorful building, white churches, deep blue water you will be amazed. In the middle of the city you will notice, that wherever you look you will have a postcard-like view.



  • Pyrgos

Why not enjoy it in the calmer but not less beautiful city Pyrgos? Pyrgos is one of my favorite little villages on Santorini. With its adorable narrow streets and lovely views from the top of the village you won’t be disappointed.


It is really calm here and you have a lot of delicious restaurants, cafes and little souvenirs shops. The people that are working there are really welcoming and warmhearted.



You can see a lot of cats, dogs and even donkeys, who are having a nap in some city corner…


  • Lighthouse

Why not enjoy the nice views or the sunset near a lighthouse? This is possible on Santorini as well. And not only the adorable little white lighthouse is worth seeing but especially the perfect shore and scarp views. The most beautiful pictures I made in Santorini, where taken here. It is a nice place for people looking for some nice landscape view.


  • Beaches

If you want to enjoy the views or sunset on a beach, Santorini is the perfect place for it. You can even choose the color of the beach, which is available on the island in black, white and red. I only went to the black and red one and it was an amazing experience. But not for my feets… so don’t forget to have good shoes with you to explore the beach.


  • Hotel

All these spots are really beautiful, but my favorite spot was my own terrace of the hotel or suite. Santorini offers a lot of luxuries and nice hotels. So, we were spoiled for choice. But we were concentrating us on the things there were important to us and it made the selection easier. So, if you look for a modern but still Greek style hotel with a private pool, sea view and breakfast, which is brought to you room, I can recommend you this hotel – Alunia Incognito Santorini.


  • Restaurants & Cafes

Franco’s Cafe – If you go to the top of the Pyrgos village you can find there a nice cafe with a huge terrace and perfect view on the town and shore.

Kallisti Tavern – another juwel at Pyrgos. Nice restaurant with big terrace, good food and wine. Budget friendly.

How to get around in Santorini?

Please don’t be so cruel to use these poor donkeys to get around. They look so sad. You can rent a scooter or an ATV. But if you love your live just rent a car… the street conditions are rather bad and the temperatures can be extreme… We decided to rent a Fiat 500 cabriolet, which was perfect to explore the island.

I have been to Santorini only for one week. Like always it was too short for seeing and exploring everthing and have some time to relax on this island. I tried all my best to find the perfect views, but relaxing on my private pool was to tempting. I hope you still like the pictures and if you visit Santorini one day this guide hopefully helps you. I still stay in greek-mood and prepare my next post about Athens.

Sincerely yours,

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