Far away by my side in 2018

Hello everyone,

how are you? I hope you all have had a wonderful start in the new year 2019 and had a comfy holiday.
Todays post will be a little sentimental, because I would like to show you in pictures how great last year was for me (because of all these beautiful journeys). So stay tuned and enjoy a nice time going through 2018 far away by my side…

  • January:

How to start perfect into the new year? Of course with a journey. I welcomed the new year 2018 and had a great time in the old town with a young soul of Zagreb – Capital of Croatia.

  • February:

Didn’t have much time, because of exams at the University but Valentines Day need to be celebrated. Where? In Germany in the lovely little town Rüdesheim, winemaking town and part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • March:

I didn’t want to say goodbye to winter yet, so I needed to go to the real winter wonderland- Lapland in Sweden. See my posts abaut journey to Sweden:

Ab ins Schneeland „Schwedisch-Lappland“ – Reisebericht Teil I…

Ab ins Schneeland „Schwedisch-Lappland“ – Reisebericht Teil II…

Ab ins Schneeland „Schwedisch-Lappland“ – Reisebericht Teil III

  • April:

Spring is coming! So we need to charge the battery in a SPA Hotel and enjoy the nice landscape of region at the river Mosel in Germany.

  • May:

Fell in Love with and in Budapest. See my post abaut Budapest here.

  • June:

Paris, paris, paris! If you wanna know more abaut a list of my personal beloved places in Paris and tips how to enjoy Paris like a traveller not a tourist click here.

  • July:

Need to fuel up vitamin sea… Hello Baltic Sea Coast in Germany!

  • August:

Happy Birthday to me and happy trip to Amsterdam!

  • September:

Good plans are dreams that turn into reality… My wonderful journey to Japan! Blogpost is coming soon.




  • October:

Start a new semester at the university can be boring… little trip to ‘Wasen’ (The Cannstatter Volksfest) in Stuttgart and exciting Segway tour through a winery mountain nearby made me feel more alive and was a great experience…

  • November:

This month was to schort… Just enjoying Frankfurt.

  • December:

Hello Poland. Christmas time is family time…

So this is all. You don’t have to bet what is my new year intend this year. Answer is simply – of course more traveling. I will try to be more diligent, and write more often on my blog too. So stay tuned & have a nice Sunday!


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